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Our Coffee

1938 Blend

Our Coffee - 1938 Blend

This 100% Arabica coffee has big body and a creamy mouthfeel, with a sweetness reminiscent of milk chocolate, a hint of citrus acidity and a clean, pleasing finish. This delicious blend is made up of Brazilian and Central American coffees. The 1938 also possesses a velvety, sweet flavour and mellow acidity, thanks to lower growing altitudes in Brazil. The Brazilian coffee in this blend is sourced from Minas Gerais, the largest coffee growing region in the country. Central American coffees are used to bring a soft, lemon-like acidity and clean aftertaste to the blend. The Centrals in this coffee are all SHG grade (Strictly High Grown); the high altitude provides cold nights and long maturing times for the beans, making for pleasing acidity and bright flavour. A multi-layered, delectable blend.
The 1938 has a big body and a sweetness reminiscent of milk chocolate. A hint of citrus acidity makes for a clean, pleasing and delectable finish.